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James Bay Parent Advisory Council

Every public school in British Columbia has a Parent Advisory Council. It is made up of a group of parents, administrators, and may include teachers. All parents and guardians of children attending James Bay Community school are members of the PAC and are encouraged to participate.



Our PAC provides financial support to accomplish the goals set out by our members


We participate in programs and events that better our school, our community, and our kids


Our PAC involves parents in activities and provides opportunities for all members

  • What is the James Bay Parent Advisory Council?
    Every public school in British Columbia has a Parent Advisory Council. It is made up of a group of parents, administrators, and may include teachers. The PAC meets about once a month in the evening. The School Act gives parents the right, through PACs, to assume an advisory role in every school. The James Bay PAC is the officially recognized collective voice of parents of our school. A PAC, through its elected officers, may advise the school board, the principal and staff of the school respecting any matter relating to the school other than matters assigned to the School Planning Council (SPC).
  • What is the purpose of the James Bay PAC?
    To promote the education and welfare of students To encourage parent involvement in the school To advise the school board, principal, and staff on any matter relating to the school, other than matters assigned to the school planning council To participate in the work of the school planning council through the PAC’s elected representatives To promote the interests of public education To provide leadership To contribute to a sense of community within the school and between the school, home, and neighbourhood To provide parent education and professional development, and a forum for discussion of educational issues To assist parents in obtaining information and communicating with the principal and staff about their child's progress or other concerns To assist the principal and staff in ensuring the highest safety standards are maintained in the school and neighbourhood To organize and support activities for students and parents To provide financial support for the goals of this council, as determined by the membership To advise and participate in the activities of the district parent advisory council and the BC Confederation of Parent Advisory Council
  • Who are members of the James Bay PAC?
    If you are a parent or guardian of a child attending James Bay Community School, you are a member and encouraged to participate. We would love to see you at the monthly meetings!
  • What are some things the PAC can do for the school?
    Purchasing new playground or gym equipment. Upgrading the school’s computers and/or computer programs. Establishing or improving a school garden. Helping set up special programs, for example to stop bullying. Helping individual teachers who want to set up special programs that require extra funding. Assisting in planning and organizing school events that celebrate special occasions during the school year.
  • How can I get involved?
    Parents can support their children's schooling by: attending school functions (open houses, concerts, sports events, etc.) responding to school obligations (ensure child arrives on time, attend parent-teacher conferences, for example) Parents can become more involved in helping their children improve their schoolwork by: providing encouragement arranging for appropriate study time and space modelling desired behavior (such as reading for pleasure) monitoring homework, and actively tutoring their children at home Outside the home, parents can serve as advocates for students and the school community by: volunteering to help out with school activities (shelve library books, hot lunch volunteer, help at special events, coach or coordinate extracurricular activity) working in the classroom (classroom parent, field trip driver, demonstrate or offer special skills) taking an active role in the governance and decision making necessary for planning, developing, and providing an education for the community's children (become an SPC member or be active in your school's PAC) Any way that you can participate in your children's education is a plus for you, your children and their school.

Meet the PAC Executives

Below are the current PAC executives for the 2022-2023 school year 

Executive Role
Current Executive
PAC Chair
Marc Black
PAC Treasurer
Julian Yoo
PAC Secretary
Toby Stubbs
PAC Co-Chair
Sandy Simas
PAC Co-Secretary
Member at Large
Shannon Haszard
Member at Large

Important Information

Find important information about the PAC below

Last Meeting Summary

See the summary and recorded minutes for the last meeting.

2022-2023 PAC Budget

View and download the approved PAC budget for the 2023-2024 year

Meeting Minutes

Find a documented list of previous PAC meetings & recorded minutes

Constitution and Bylaws

View and download the James Bay PAC Constitution and Bylaws

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